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Our Team

Steve Sykes - Cellar Manager

Cellar Manager, Steve Sykes has been here for twenty-five years.

"The first year I was here we re-established The Terraces vineyard. Move this sentence up. It was a huge job digging out the pine and preparing the ground, planting the vines and nurturing them through to the first vintage. But that first vintage just shone out above all else, it won awards and we realized what we had here. We’re a close-knit team, the roles are fairly intertwined. There’s no big hierarchy, we sit around and brainstorm ideas, we muck in together and we get things done. We believe in taking a holistic approach, especially in the way we train new people coming through. We rotate jobs, so everyone gets the big picture, and they go away from here with a lot of different skills".

Amanda MOORE - Laboratory & Quality Assurance Technician

‘“I started working in the lab at Esk Valley late in 2006. I came from a Chemistry background not knowing a lot about the winemaking process and have learnt everything on the job. I love the challenges it has brought and the new skills I have had to learn especially around the management of our Quality Systems. In 2014 I was on maternity leave and really missed what was going on at Esk, especially during vintage, wondering what the grapes where like? How the ferments were going? And of course whether we would be bottling another vintage “The Terraces. I even missed the daily quiz at smoko. It was great coming back to a dedicated team and I can’t wait to see what the next vintage will bring”.

Sue Cranswick – Cellar Door Manager

Cellar Door Manager, Sue Cranswick, has been part of the Esk Valley team since 1991.

“When I first started here over twenty five years ago, I didn’t really know a great deal about wine. I was a farm girl and I can tell you that most of the farmers around here took a lot of convincing that you could even grow grapes here! These days people visiting the Estate know quite a bit about wine and it’s great that they’re more concerned with quality, and less concerned with price. I still get a kick out of changing people’s pre-conceived ideas though. I love it when they tell me, ‘Oh I definitely don’t like such-and-such a variety’, then they end up walking out the door with a case of it!”